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Room Type
Daily room rate : Day (baht) Facilities
Price / Bed / Day Telephone Television Refrigerator Furniture Sofa Food
Aircondtioned 4 Bed Room 650          
Aircondtioned 2 Bed Room 750        
Special Aircondtioned 2 Bed Room 950    
Private Airconditioned Room 1,400  
Private Aircondtioned Room (Ward4) 1,900  
VIP Airconditioned Room 2,100


Intermediate Care Room 1,200          

Note:   1.Checkout from Mission Hospital is at 12.00 hrs.   2. All rooms are air conditioned, have amenities for your convenience, and cable TV with 50 channels.   3. Room price includes food except food administered by tube.   4. The given room price does not include other medical services.   ***Mission Hospital reserves the right to change or discontinue all prices without prior notice.

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